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1: 100 = 500 ppm?

What is the meaning of dilution rate, if you do not know the concentration of origin?

Bleach Meter


For Sodium hypochlorite only (只量測次氯酸鈉)

Since 2014

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  1. Public health for disease control and prevention uses chlorine bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite, NaClO) to do disinfection and sterilization. Bleach level has been specified to dilute to a concentration typical of 500, or 1000ppm by government CDC such as hospital, long term care center, nursing home, healthcare facilities, healthcare infection control area, dialysis center, kindergarten school, and primary school.

  2. In food preparation establishments, bars, restaurants where chlorine level to dilute to 200ppm in wash and flume.

  3. Many countries' CDC guidelines assumed the concentration of bleach is 5.25-6.15% in the market. Introduce people to prepare a 500ppm solution is 1:100, and 1000ppm solution is 1:50 diluted by tap water. Most of the above facilities have a bucket which marked 10 liters and 20 liters. Also, a measuring glass for the cleaner to prepare the bleach solution.

  4. Actually, no one knows how much concentration of bleach buys from the market whenever delivery to end-user. It could be 6%-2.2%. Below 5% is usual. (This data is evaluated by one of the credible magazines which investigated 29 different kinds of bleach in the Hong Kong market. Please visit the Hong Kong Select Online Monthly Magazine for free _Past 2003 issue 319, and 2009 issue 393)

  5. Concentrated Bleach Sodium Hypochlorite is not fixed. One bottle of concentrated chlorine bleach will lose effectiveness after 30 days. The stored solution will have a 50% decrease in concentration after 30 days of storage. (Ref. Virginia Department of Health, Fall 2011, Environmental FAQs: Page 5 of 5)

  6. Depends on the proportional dilutions has no guarantee the disease control and prevention is effective.

  7. MIZU bleach meter can provide reliable data (ppm) easily when the cleaner doing dilution job, and identify effective disinfection and sterilization.

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